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Cristina Nonato has worked for the Circuit Court of Cook County for 12 years. Working her way all the way up to management. During this time she met many people and found her inspiration to work for the MWRD. From making sure people people had food to helping people get tested and vaccinated. She has been consistently involved in helping communities full of diverse backgrounds. She has been proving herself to be a woman of action, integrity, and leadership. She intends to hire the best engineer and scientist to reduce flooding in low income communities. Her main focus is safe and clean water for our wellness and health.

Being the commissioner of the MWRD makes you responsible for how water is recycled. This also makes you responsible for making sure bacteria in the water is being controlled. One of Cristina's main priority's to insure the water is safe for us and our environment. In the past there has been poor monitoring and record keeping. That lead to not analyzing the low performance of our equipment. Cristina plans to hire the best engineers and scientists under her supervision to maintain our water reclamation. Vote for Cristina, a Filipina woman of action.

"If I win this election I will be so honored to be the first Filipina American commissioner to be elected in a cook county wide race. Let's make history together!"

Cristina Nonato

Candidate for Commissioner Of Metropolitan Water Reclamation


Here is what Cristina Nonato will focus on as Commissioner of the MWRD:

  • Maintaining key infrastructures at the treatment plants, pump stations, aeration stations and reservoirs so that the District can continue fulfilling its core mission.
  • Building a robust economy and providing opportunities for young people to join the water and wastewater workforce of the future. Work with under served communities, to provide jobs and contracts.
  • Establishing an independent inspector general for the MWRD to provide oversight, transparency, and accountability for a $1B budget.
  • Finding and hiring a visionary leader and excellent manager, who will be responsible for leading and managing the MWRD.
  • Lead the way in Illinois on providing leadership in resource recovery. To also continue to transform the MWRD into a utility of the future by providing reliable service to our communities.


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